Tuesday, November 22, 2016

10 years!

Ten years seems like very little time when you are looking back on it. I have been a parent for ten years. Jack has been alive for ten years. More than anyone I know, Jack has had the greatest impact on my identity (other than my parents but I did not watch that process). Nothing was the same after I met him. I have been challenged more than I thought possible in every possible way: physically, spiritually, monetarily, emotionally, existentially.... I cannot think of other ways to be challenged. I don't look at anything as I did before. Who was I? Who knows? I cannot remember.

On Jack's birthday, Jack had been sick with a stomach virus for almost 2 weeks. He missed 10 days of school. He's always had a sensitive stomach but this was extreme even for him. The election happened. We visited the doctor many times since I didn't see how it could be a virus. He is still occasionally vomiting if he eats too much dairy (or so it seems, I really have no idea why so we'll be visiting the doctor again soon).

We celebrated yesterday with a few friend at the UW HUB.. a very fun place for ten year old boys! The kids played video games, then ate pizza, took the bus there and back (adventure!) and ate cake and opened presents. Fun was had by all, including me. Who knew little boys were so fun.

Jack says his favorite thing was playing video games. He reports that he likes minecraft, books and building legos. He expresses frustration that I am asking these questions. He wants me to find a lost lego.


Wednesday, November 09, 2016

no words

I had to tell the kids last night that Trump won. Jack cried. Sonia became quite anxious. I said it would be ok. We'd stick together. Other than that, I don't know what to say. Jack was worried he will kill Muslims. I said that wouldn't happen.

However, obviously, I have no idea what will happen. I can only guess as the potential for devastation is vast. I have used Harry Potter to explain a lot of difficult things to the kids. I don't think it will work this time. If I tell them Voldemort and his deatheaters are in power that won't be helpful to them. I don't even know if that's true yet anyway. All I can do is hope it is not true or that Dumbledore is out there to help us.

Their sense of irony is not developed enough for despair.com. And on days like today, this feels a little too true to be funny.