Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Los Estados Unidos en Mexico

We are in Sayulita, a small town north of Puerto Vallarta.  Here is the view from our mostly-outdoor home:

It's really wonderful that we have this view because many of us have been spending a lot of time here. Ryan had a surfing accident of sorts. When exiting a wave, he was slammed into the sand and really can't move much. He cannot swim. He cannot sneeze. He cannot move his upper body without a great deal of discomfort.  Last night, Jack woke up vomiting and did that every hour until I went to a little clinic here and got him anti-nausea medicine. He now has a fever. 

A bummer, since it's not the ideal way to spend vacation but it's still a lovely vacation. We are moving at a snail's pace. Sonia and I hung out at the beach and at the home of our friends who are staying about 10 minutes walk from our home. 

A few nights this week, we've hired two women to cook for us at our friends' home. The home also has a pool so we lounge about there a lot too.

The weather is warm. There is lots of sun. We are happy to be here.

9 years!

Jack is 9. We have been parents for 9 years. It's hard to believe we existed before that. Who were those people? Too bad I didn't keep a blog then. This blog is also 9 years old. 9! The transformation of becoming a parent is impossible to overstate or accurately state. My focus and identity are completely different now. That may also be due to aging and experiencing life.

In any case, Jack is 9. He talks most about Minecraft. He enjoys swimming and our weekly trip to circus school. He reads most of the time he is at home. Our biggest parenting challenge is control over the screens in Jack's life. He seems ambivalent about school.. or maybe I am just ambivalent about his school experience as I experience it. Hard to separate my perceptions from my perceptions of his perceptions.

We are in Mexico right now... We started our vacation at a bland but kid-friendly all-inclusive resort outside of Puerto Vallarta. I wouldn't come back but it's been an easy three days. Jack was thrilled to spend his birthday on an airplane (in front of a screen) and then in the ocean and swimming pool later. I am grateful to be with him and our little family.

Jack declined to be in this photo: