Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

bye bye to bridget

Yesterday was bridget's last day and it was a really sad day. While I was pleased I held it together at our going away party, i had cried on and off during the week after being in denial about it for a while. It never occurred to me when Bridget started working with us that she would one day leave.. then I realized all of Jack's caregivers will leave one day. Luckily we hired Bridget's cousin Gen to watch the kids so Jack will always know them as we are very close to Bridget's big family.

I started taking a class on Tuesday nights this summer so I get home from work, have 5 minutes with Jack and then I have to leave again. As I was leaving the house I told Bridget that I felt like a really bad mom and bridget responded "some moms smoke crack." That exchange pretty much sums up our relationship. For the last 18.5 months, bridget has reassured me that everything was fine .. perfect in fact. I learned a lot from her about parenting and child development but I have to say it was all of her peaceful reassurance that I will miss the most.

Jack knows something is up because he was pretty clingy with her last week. At the party, he kept wanting her to pick him up and he'd lay his head on her shoulder. He loves her .. we all do. We wish her well but we wish she could have stayed forever.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Jack is talking more and more these days. His favorite word is currently OUTSIDE. He loves loves loves to be outside and gets really whiney if he's not outside.. and when you bring him back inside, he gets really mad. Even when he's outside, he repeats the word outside a lot. I think he probably says it 50 times a day.

So this weekend, he got to be outside a lot as he visited his grandma and grandpa on the olympic peninsula while mom and dad went on a 2 day vacation to victoria. Jack had a great time (and so did we!) When we returned we all took a little ride on grandpa's new boat. I learned a boat is not a great place for a toddler as Jack wanted to be outside while in the boat so I spent most of my time restraining him from leaping into the water.