Friday, March 28, 2008

Chest compressions

Long ago, it was proven that experience cannot be passed through our genetic code. It seems obvious now. My dad flew fighter planes but I cannot fly at all. I speak Spanish. Jack does not. However, there was a time when some people believed this theory.. this video may be proof for them. I have been trained as an EMT. I have done chest compressions. Here is jack doing chest compressions... he even checks for a pulse. Although I will need to explain to him that it is not appropriate to laugh..

Saturday, March 22, 2008

That frog

I haven't been posting much lately because all of my posts are beginning to sound the same. We are sick. We are laying low. It is not that fun. Jack got sick again last weekend. He was awake from midnight Saturday night to 9pm Sunday night and he was not happy during that time. At one point, in fact, he looked up at me and just screamed .. twice. Turned out he had two ear infections and a throat infection. I am very grateful for the children's hospital after hours clinic.
In spite of all the sickness, Jack is changing a lot. He has started to include books into his solo playtime. He turns the pages and babbles as if he is reading. He knows what the cow says.. moo! He definitely understands a lot of what we say. Tonight ryan and I were talking about how Jack gives us hugs and kisses, and he looked up at us and blew us a kiss (bridget taught him that trick). Sadly, it seems we can get none of this on camera. He is like that frog from the warner bros cartoons. When the camera is off, he is so entertaining. Then we turn the camera on and he won't do anything. I suppose he may think he is not my show pony.
I have also made some changes in my life. I became tired of having to call in sick so much at work. There isn't anyone to replace me where I work so it is upsetting to people when I am not there. I decided to leave my job and found a very flexible job that allows me to work from home as much as I want. It's a tech job that uses my old skills. I'll do it for a year while I apply to graduate school. A friend of mine said to me recently: your work needs to fit into your life not the other way around. That helped me reframe my priorities.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The latest

I think I am finally well from being sick for about 3 weeks. In my last post I thought I was on the mend but then I got worse and then worse. I felt the full impact of that annoying phrase 'the buck stops here.' The sick parent thing is a disaster. Ryan took some time off work but he has a new job so he had to return. I was unable to get out of bed and there was simply no one who could help. We live in a busy culture. Everyone is busy.. including me on days I am not nearly dying... so I understand why people can't drop everything to help me care for my child. Luckily for me, when I woke up in the morning I could function enough to get out of bed and care for Jack.

We have been laying pretty low since but on Friday, Bridget and I went to the Museum of Flight. It's great. Jack is more interested in climbing things and motoring around than he was in the exhibits. Lily is really into planes and was always pointing and saying "plane."

We found a great kids book in the bookstore called "Goodnight Seattle" .. a cross between Goodnight Moon and a tour of Seattle. I highly recommend it.