Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kids say the funniest things

I think that is the title of a book. It's true though. They say some really hilarious stuff. Recently, I was reading Jack a book about a bird named Calvin who loves books. His friends call him a bookworm. Jack asked me what that meant. I said a bookworm is someone who loves books. Jack said, ' I am a bookworm and an airplane worm.' Tonight Sonia was coughing and I asked her if she was ok. She said, 'yes, I just had some danger in my mouth.' Fair enough.. It's really miraculous to watch them become fluent speakers but it is also a very funny process.


For several months, Sonia has had an invisible friend named Conner (or maybe Connor?). Conner has always been a girl dog. Recently, at her preschool, she found a little stuffed dog and named it Conner. She does not go anywhere without Conner.. not even to sleep. So god help me if I can't find Conner. She seems to get lost when we need to be somewhere quickly so I find myself racing around the house asking everyone if they've seen Conner and feeling a little silly about the urgency I feel to find ... her. She is very real to Sonia. It's great really because we will never have a dog of our own so Conner is a reasonable compromise.

A few final London pics

I still miss London but I have re-adjusted to life in Seattle after feeling pretty low for about a week. I realized I still had a few pictures on my camera. Sonia and my friend Kate's youngest .. doing what all the kids loved best: dress-up!
Sonia in front of the yellow submarine at the Beatles museum in Liverpool
A ferris wheel in Liverpool -- much loved by the kids.. provided great views of the city
My friends live on a mews. I never really understood what this meant.. but here is a picture of one. It's two rows of homes separated by a street which I think used to be garden space.. I am not sure.. there are mews everywhere in London.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Welcome baby Beaux!

My brother and sister-in-law had their baby boy last night. My brother called me after he was born to say the baby was having trouble breathing. When he told me what the hospital staff was doing I knew Beaux had to be ok. He was not intubated.. plus other details that told me the people caring for him thought he would get better on his own. I was very calm. Of course I was. I told my bro how terrified I was when Jack was born and had a health issue. I've learned so much since then about the strength and resilience of the young.
Little Beaux will be in the hospital until tomorrow. I am so excited to meet him. I told Ryan how nostalgic I am for a tiny baby.. so sweet. Luckily for my nephew I have energy for him since I don't have a baby of my own. I wish they lived here but I'll visit them soon.

Life at home

After a week, it seems we have adjusted to life in Seattle. We are over the jet lag. The luggage is put away. The kids talk about London a little bit but only when reminded of something they saw or did there. There are a couple of things I am doing differently. 1. I am air-drying my laundry. We did this in London. It works and saves energy. 2. I am picking Jack up from school in either the bike trailer or the stroller on the days when Sonia doesn't have school. I love how little we used cars in London ( I was only in a taxi a few times). The car is just not fun in comparison to walking or scooting or cycling. Our hills make it more challenging but I am determined. When I arrived, I was sad to be here. I find life here so lonely in comparison to what it was like there. I miss the vitality of London. All this is not bad though. The trip gave me a great deal of courage regarding traveling with children. I look forward to our next trip! One last picture from the trip. These were some of the chocolates from paul a young in london. So delicious.