Monday, June 29, 2015

WooHoo Summer

Sonia graduates from pre-school. I will be amazed if any year of Sonia's education will top this one. It's all downhill from here.

Last day at Jack's school with our pal Sofia. 

While I promised myself I would make notes about what we do each day, I haven't done that. This was Day 2. We spent the day at Madison Park Beach with our pals. Their dad is one of my favorite parents. He says things like - maybe Jack doesn't talk to anyone at school because he doesn't like anyone. I don't want to talk to 98% of these people. It's comforting.

Day 3: My high school friend and I hike 12.8 miles through Wallace Falls State Park. She is child-free so she has energy for these things. We have known each other 28 years. Sat together in freshman English with Mr. Nelson.

at that State Park. Great day to hike.

Day 4: West Seattle. I take lots of pictures of kids in the shade. We rode bikes to the Colman Pool and had a picnic while waiting for the pool to open.

Visited Marination for shaved ice.

children are un-impressed by amazing views and perfect weather. 

Sonia in disguise.

Playing Life. Lots of fun to finally find a game we can all play. Sonia is very competitive and wants to cheat. So far, we catch her each time.

Yesterday -- We visit Madison Park beach and are foiled by the lifeguard when Jack tries to swim to the dock to visit the high dive. Then we swing.

While searching for pictures for today's post, I found this. Sonia was around 2. 

In addition to beaches and pools and sun, we've had a great time making ice cream. We made traditional ice cream (vanilla and chocolate chip) with our ice cream maker. Then my friend Katie told us about a wonderful treat: frozen bananas and any other frozen fruit that sounds good + almond milk mixed in a food processor. I add a few chocolate chips and the taste of this concoction rivals ice cream of the fat and sugar variety. It's so good we make it every night now. Lots of fun.