Friday, June 22, 2012


Both kids "graduated" from their schools. Luckily, Sonia and Jack will be returning to Sonia's school (formerly Jack's too) for a little 4 week summer camp in July. Sonia still asks every day if she is going to Kim's. Kim made a cake on the last day of school with a picture of the girls on it: Jack's school had a ceremony. I teared up a bit. It was very sweet and a little sad. I'll miss the parents and kids from his class. Luckily, several of the parents have kids Sonia's age so we'll meet again in the fall when Sonia goes there. The new pace of summer is really nice. We don't have to be anywhere. Next week, Jack will attend a much-anticipated camp at the Museum of Flight but other than that, our summer is very low-key. We joined an outdoor pool in Bellevue. It's very simple but perfect. Both kids love it. We go rain or shine, cold or hot.. there's been much more rain and cold lately. Jack especially is very enthusiastic about swimming. He can swim under water but can't make it to the surface on his own. He is very tenacious though. He tries and tries. Swimming is the first athletic activity that Jack seems to love. It's fun to watch.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sonia the soccer star

A few days ago, Sonia was bothering Jack. He tried to hit her but he missed. In response, she threw herself a couple of feet and hit the floor crying in agony. I didn't do anything but Jack asked her if she was ok. After a minute, she said she was.. I now wonder how many times I have run to her and she's been faking it. Lately, she's also been pretending to be asleep in the car. I think it's great that she already gets pretend .. perhaps she has a future in the theater or on the soccer field. She already handles many complex concepts. It's amazing what an advantage it is to have an older sibling. There are times I can't believe she's only 2 and other times that I am reminded how little 2 really is.. I am usually the first one up in the morning. Ryan and Jack sleep in and Sonia gets up after I do. Whenever she wakes up I can hear her open her door. I walk toward her and when she sees me she always runs into my arms to snuggle. It is such a sweet moment in my day.