Monday, August 08, 2016

Travel with Sonia

This summer, we agreed that each parent would take a trip with each child. The two kids are very different and our experience of them together is very different from our experience of them separately.

Sonia and I went to LA. We stayed with my sister for two nights and then with a friend from my  college year abroad, Stephanie. We visited Universal Studios, the Broad museum, the California Science Center. It was really hot but we had a great time. Stephanie teaches special Ed and has two children. They were so welcoming to Sonia. Both kids are really easy to travel with when we are alone with one of them. Sonia can roll with changes or unexpected events. She was good company.

We visited the infinity mirrored room at the Broad:

A couple of weeks later, we went on our annual camping trip to the north Cascades with an old friend of mine and her family. We've gone on many trips with them. They are an adventurous family and lots of fun to be around. Dad in the family loves photography and he made this cool collage:

During our time in LA, Jack got solo time with my mom and stepfather. They caught crab and visited the undersea museum. He spent our camping weekend with Ryan. They watched the Blue Angels and celebrated with manly chocolate croissants, and molly moon's ice cream. Lots of fun had by all. Summer is really flying by. As the kids get older, my time with them passes more quickly.