Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arizona in February

It's 80 degrees there. It's still a little strange to me that it can be so cold and rainy here yet so sunny and hot just 1500 miles south. We had a great time.. visited the zoo. Jack loves the giraffes although not so much that he wants to get too close to them. We mainly just hung out outside by the pool.

This is Jack danger. It's funny how he spent most of the time in the backyard inches away from the pool.. so I was inches behind him.

When not by the pool, he loved blowing bubbles or mainly putting the bubble blowing aparatus in his mouth. He won't touch a vegetable yet really enjoys soapy bubble fluid.

The Ga-deau

Jack's latest thing is that he is obsessed with the space needle. He calls it the ga-deau. He first noticed the space needle in a book we have about washington state given to Jack for his birthday. For a while, he talked about the gadeau but we didn't know what he was saying. We repeated the word gadeau and then he'd say it again and again until finally we figured it out and said "oh the space needle" Only then did he stop repeating gadeau. As Jack expands his vocabulary, he will say a word over and over until we repeat it correctly.. sometimes this leads to frustration. In any case, Jack sees the space needle everywhere. Last week, we visited the grandparents in arizona. When he walked into my mom's house, he immediately started saying gadeau and I said I don't think there is any space needle here. He continued to talk about it until I noticed that my mom has a space needle pepper shaker on her table. Jack has an eagle eye for the space needle.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Play it J