Monday, February 18, 2008

50 Viruses

Jack is sick again but this time, we all got it. Ryan and I got the flu and Jack (since he was partially flu-vaccinated) got a flu-ette. He also got an ear infection and now he is vomiting anything containing lactose. I don't recall the last time I was as sick as I got this weekend. Luckily Ryan got sick a few days before I did so we could kind of cover for each other during our worst patches. On Saturday, we took Jack to the Children's Hospital after hours clinic (a great alternative to an ER) because I suspected Jack had an ear infection (my clue was 2 hours of crying the night before). When I mentioned how much Jack had been sick lately she said that between birth and the end of kindergarten kids get an average of 50 viruses. That would mean getting something every six weeks, on average.

I remember Ann Keppler saying that when you have a small child you are just surviving and certainly during months like this I can see what she means. While it is hard to find the joy in the vomit, having a sick baby forces both of us to really slow down. Today, Ryan and I sat on our porch steps in the sun with Jack. We all just sat there. We never do that. So occasionally we do have some really nice moments.

For some light entertainment, I watched a video my friend sent of a toddler belting out "hey jude." It is damn funny.

Here is the banana in a not so happy place