Monday, September 15, 2014

Sonia is 5

To celebrate Sonia's 5th birthday, we partied all weekend. First, we had a party with Sonia's preschool buddies at our usual park. I failed to take any pictures, per usual. However, luckily, I got one from a mom pal:

Then, we went on a boating adventure with friends. We motored around Lake Washington on the beautiful 80 degree day. We swam -- we even "tubed"

We got home around 9pm. Big day. Then Sunday we had brunch with all the grandparents at Vios. Jack hit the boat show with his dad and Grandpa while I made Sonia lay down for a couple of hours since we had one more celebration planned.

We had our next door neighbors over because they are Sonia's favorite people - especially the gal in the striped dress. We enjoyed pizza and cake and lots of play.

School is going to start in 10 minutes and both kids are still asleep. Ryan said it was too much but he is not the extrovert in the house and also, he does none of the planning. I used to socialize more and I think these parties are as much fun for me as they are for my kids. Birthday parties are one of the only ways that adults gather in a social setting these days. That said, this year, I did not tell Sonia who to invite. I did not invite any of my friends. Next year, I agreed we would tone it down. I told half the parents not to bring gifts and there were still too many gifts. 

In any case, Sonia enjoyed her 5th birthday. We are so glad she is here.

Monday, September 08, 2014

An ad for visiting Cortes Island

You must visit. You must. Stay at Cedar Moon. It was grand. All fun, all the time.

On ferry going home - our only group shot

Kids playing on beach behind the house

Ryan and Jack at Cedar Moon

Attempting to take photos at Squirrel Cove

Our family with our Swedish exchange student -- jk that's my friends' oldest

Ho hum sunrise

Ryan relaxing with our other Dad pal

our backyard

Squirrel Cove

All the kids