Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Moving on

I have moved on from my sadness about the diagnosis. There is much to be grateful for and self-pity is only enjoyable for a short time. Then it's just tiresome. I am now reading books by Temple Grandin. She is a very inspirational woman who writes a lot for parents like me and kids like Jack. She would certainly not understand or indulge in anything but moving forward with compassion.

I also wonder how much this needs to be part of my identity. It's a little odd that I would take on a label as well. Pondering that one...


I am sure I have written about the fact that learning to ski is mandatory in our family. I did not grow up skiing and therefore, I will never be a great skier. Even though I am not that good, I love to ski. It is a great sport for a northwest family (the obvious downside is the cost but rational spending be damned! who needs college?) . We can be outside when it's otherwise cold and miserable. We are exercising, taking risks, learning and mostly having fun.

We spent a week in Sun Peaks BC in January with some family friends of ours. The kids really improved their skiing. We loved being outside in Canada (great views! great country! great people! great exchange rate!). We are going to Whistler to ski in April. I am living my dream. However, I have not told the kids. If we were living their dream, we'd be heading to the sun.

Our friends. So fun to have them with us.

Us. Jack as ninja skier