Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The hammock

We purchased a hammock last year from REI. Laying in this hammock is heaven for adults and great fun for kids. It's hours of entertainment and loved by all. I am grateful we have had some hammock-appropriate weather lately.


The other night, Sonia had a big melt down. I left and she was tired so she flipped out. In all of her crying and gnashing of teeth, she listed many complaints for Ryan. One was that "mom does not dress fancy."  This is true.

Sonia has recently tried to pick out my clothes. When I tell her I'd rather she didn't, she threatens me in a way that sounds sort of familiar "If you let me pick out your clothes then I won't kick you." She has picked up on the fact that Ryan and I say "If you do not do x, then we can't do y." Clearly, this is the blowback from our ill-considered behavior modification methods. Alfie Kohn would not be pleased but as far as I can tell the internal motivation of my kids does not match mine in any way. Therefore, the x then y method of child-raising.

So back to clothes, recently Sonia has been very interested in being twins. We wear the same color pants and shirt for example and this makes her happy. I do not remember ever wanting to be twins with my mother but I do know there is a picture somewhere of me and my mom in an identical tan shirt/skirt with embroidered rainbows on them. So I must not have minded the twin thing.

Dress with bunnies from aunt katie
I do not have the same dress.

Recently heard at my house

Jack: Mom, life is like fine cheese.
Mom: why is that?
Jack: Um (pause) because it's so good?

I later learned that there is a panel in the Garfield comic book that Jack loves that has part of this dialog. Garfield says "Life is like fine cheese because it gets more precious with age."

Jack loves Garfield. I think he really loves the facial expressions because he doesn't understand the humor. The above example is good reason why it is hard to explain.