Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I've discovered collage art

Me (age 7), Ryan(age 8) and Jack(age 7)

3 months to last day of preschool

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Day in the life

Most days, Ryan leaves at 8am. Today, he took Sonia to school because the school was having their annual 'Donuts with Dad' father's day celebration. So he was at home throughout the entire before school morning routine. He made Sonia and Jack breakfast -- hardboiled eggs and toast. Sonia requested toast from a baguette. There were only two pieces so he gave her both. Jack said he wanted a piece of the baguette bread. Ryan asked Sonia if she would share. She said no. He tried to reason with her (waste of time), then he took one piece of toast from her plate and exchanged it with a piece from Jack's plate. Chaos ensues. Sonia screams that she wanted that toast. She cries and cries. Then she tries to grab the toast from Jack. At first, he is hurt that she is bugging him. Then he gets out of his chair and starts to hit her. More screaming. Meanwhile, Ryan is still trying to explain to Sonia why it is nice to share. I am standing to the side, sipping my coffee. Finally, Ryan apologized for his hubris.  Sonia successfully grabbed Jack's toast, took a bite, and gave it back to Jack. Both continued to eat in silence. I asked Ryan if he had learned anything. He said, 'yes, I should leave at 8am.'