Thursday, September 20, 2007

More bb fashions

I dig the baby fashions. Luckily for me, I have a few very fashionable people in my life who either have children a little older than Jack or who enjoy buying children's clothing, so Jack has some great stuff. Here are a few of my faves:

casual at the park in levi's and a T with moose on it

(this is also a pic of Jack's immune system strengthening before your eyes as he chews on the plastic rake he found at the park)

hipster with a message

(it says "my mommy loves me")
business casual for the golf course or dress-down fridays

keeping the collar up on a cold day

life of the party in polka-dot jammies

this hat was a gift from my mom's aunt... it's a wee-bit small but we stretched it.

Free time!

Now that I don't work constantly, life is better. We took a little vacay to the oregon coast.. we hiked, walked along the beach, and listened to the '4 hour work week' ( an entertaining and kind of hilarious book on how to live more and work less ).

My first day

After quitting my ER job, I started a few weeks ago at a women's clinic. I work three days a week. The days I work are long so I don't see Jack much then but I have four days off with him and that is working out great.

The clinic where I work is a little different in that it receives a fair share of bomb threats. My first day the entire staff attended a training regarding what to do when and if this happens. Among the many conversation topics were who among the staff would be willing to actually look for the bomb if someone says they have planted one ( a highly unlikely event). No one said much for a few minutes but a few women volunteered that they'd be willing to do it since their children were grown. That turned out to be the dividing line -- if your children were not yet adults, you wouldn't do it, and if there were, you would.

I am not sure what I would have said before I had a child to be honest. However, it is clear now that our childrens' well-being is far more important than all of our strongly-held beliefs.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

PEPS photo found

One of my peps pals pointed me to this early photo of our little ones. Jack is at the far left doing what he did best for the first three months of his life:

Here he is again.. mellower and bigger.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Our first summer

I haven't had much to write lately on the blog .. mainly because all I have been doing this summer is working. I have really been struggling with the balance thing. I recently accepted two part time jobs and I still have one more class to take next quarter. Now that the jobs have started I can see this was a bad idea. I am so used to doing as much as I possibly can but the problem with that now is that I don't see Jack. So it's not working.

I plan to quit one job and have a sane life.. it will probably delay my entry into graduate school but I don't care anymore.

In Jack news, our little one is commando-scooting (not exactly crawling yet but definitely moving forward). He is also a lot louder these days. We were told by his doctor that he had to gain weight so we've been feeding him super-high-fat cream of broccoli soup and yo-baby yogurt and stuff like that. According to a 1977 growth chart, Jack was in the 40% for weight but according to an updated 2006 chart he is apparently in the percentile with anorexic super model babies.

One of our few fun activities this summer was a pool party with our PEPS group. All the babies are around the same age... I wish I could find one of our earlier photos because they have all changed so much.