Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We spent thanksgiving as we do every year -- with our dear friends Paul and Laurie. The food is always amazing but the change this year was the addition of 2 children -- sonia and daniel. I thought the day would be really chaotic but it was mellow .. considering how many kids were there. We were joined by the mother of one of laurie's students and his girlfriend. The student has been in the hospital for quite a while and his mom has been in seattle to be with him. She is understandably extremely worried about her son. It reminded me that the only thing that really matters is having your health and I am so grateful for the health of all of my loved ones. This holiday season (and maybe every one from this point forward) has been sad without my dad. We miss him. He should be here.

Today (the day after t day) is beautiful -- the sun is shining and at this moment, I have two sleeping children (a minor miracle). We went to the seattle center this morning to listen to a children's symphony group play music and to see a very cool miniature village (decorated for the holiday) with an awesome set of trains running through the town.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Three

Jack is three today. It's surreal. How can he be so old? After being away from him for 5 days, I notice he seems like a little boy -- his vocabulary is rapidly expanding, he plays by himself for longer and longer periods of time. He enjoys drawing and playing with any one of the various transportation toys we have. He has an amazing memory. He smiles a lot... especially when he is watching or reading Dora the Explorer. He really digs the Dora stories..

Happy Birthday Jack!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Red Sonia and Curly Jack

Sonia has red hair. I have no idea where she got that. One of my sister's friends met Sonia and immediately starting calling her Red Sonia .. if the name sounds familiar it's because Red Sonja was a Conan the barbarian movie .. and you are old enough to remember that.

Jack seems to be getting used to Sonia. I was in arizona for a few days over the weekend and when I talked to him on the phone he asked me where Sonia was (she came with me, Jack stayed home). He throws fewer tantrums (unless he is hungry, then watch out) and he also likes to give Sonia kisses on her head. Every time he kisses her he says "ohhh!" Which is what other people say after they see Jack kiss her. It's very cute. Jack has also adjusted well to his preschool. He goes three half days a week to a little place nearby that has 7 other kids. Since there is another Jack at the school, they call Jack 'curly jack.' Now when asked his name, he'll say 'curly jack.' If he's ever a pirate, he'll have a good name.

It seems both of my children are notable for their hair.

I am at home with them all the time now -- no work for the next year or so. I am surprised to find that I like being with them all the time. It is a tremendous amount of work but it's nice that they are my only job.