Friday, January 23, 2009

Olympic peninsula

Last weekend, we wanted a little break from city life so we went out to my mom's on the olympic peninsula. It was a beautiful weekend.. we mainly just hung out -- took a nice beach walk in pt townsend.

this is what Jack is looking at:

and later, this..

It was cold so we taught J to put his hands in his pockets:

my mom has a tv (we don't) so jack and ryan also watched the basketball game (for about 5 minutes until the zoned out look on jack's face freaked me out). Since then, every time Jack sees a TV he says "hoop!" and "ba-ket ball"

He does have a good memory..

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Up hill both ways in the snow

On Christmas eve, the snow started about 3am. I know because I was awake. We were supposed to leave for arizona at 11am and I knew if it snowed, we would have an arduous journey to the airport. I would have walked all the way, if necessary, as I was determined to leave town after a week of being snow-bound.

We left the house at 7 with Jack on Ryan's back. I carried a backpack, a roller bag and our carry-on for the flight and Ryan carried his backpack on his front. There were no buses running on capitol hill and the roads were not driveable because we are surrounded by large hills. We walked two miles to the bus tunnel downtown in the snow. Then we waited for an hour for the airport bus. When the bus finally came, the 40 people who were assembled at the stop cheered. The ride to the airport was crazy as the bus slid all over the place but we made it. Our plane took off ontime and we arrived in sunny arizona in the afternoon.

We had a great time. We put our jackets away for the week and enjoyed lots of great time with family and friends. Jack loves it there because he gets lots of attention from the grandparents. We gathered with my high school friends. 3 of them had children this year.. a result of turning 35 I think.

Again, I didn't take that many pictures. One of my resolutions is to get better about that... Here is a random assortment.

My high school pals with all the kids:

Charlie holding a gun which is actually a lighter.. something probably only my dad would buy:

Katie and J:

Jack is playing in one of those plastic houses for kids.. I took this with my iphone which normally takes not-great photos but I liked the light.