Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

We have spent the last 2 weeks in Arizona. As usual, the weather is great. Jack has had a lovely time with his grandparents. I got to go to the gym.. big excitement. AND, Ryan and I went out twice -once to sushi (a minor miracle as the sushi restaurant is actually in the small town where I grew up) with my bro and sis then AGAIN to a cool, modern restaurant in central phoenix (another miracle) It seems arizona may be slowly progressing into the 21st century. Although the citizens of arizona recently made it legal to carry a gun into a bar .. so maybe they are just enjoying the contrast between the 19th and 21st centuries.

We missed my dad a lot. So sad not to have him around. When Jack asks about him I say grandpa charlie is on an airplane. I don't know how to explain death to a three year old. Jack understands airplanes and I think we'd all like to believe my dad is spending eternity in an F16.

We spent lots of time at home so here are some action shots of our time together. Sonia is not pictured as she was generally sleeping (in 45 minute increments)

Picking oranges in grandma's backyard:

Playing near the pool (too cold to get in)

Jack really enjoyed watering the plants..

and the empty fountain..

Playing with lipstick

When Ryan arrived, Jack got to venture out more. Here they are at the pool

A few Christmas days shots

The Slanket or snuggie.. what have I done all my life without it? They even make them kid-sized!

Jack and grandma

Aunt Katie and Sonia

Once upon a time

Lately, we have been telling stories in addition to reading books at bedtime. My dad always told us stories so I was inspired. As a teenager, I realized my dad's stories had very little plot and no ending.. I learned this when I tried to tell one of his stories about Chuck the Kodiac bear to a little boy I was babysitting. When I later asked my dad how the story ended he said that it didn't. I usually just fell asleep so he never had to end the story. So I knew my stories did not need to be complex for Jack to enjoy them.

The story always starts the same way: 'once upon a time there was a little boy named Jack and Jack loved...' Then I ask Jack 'what did Jack love?' and so far he has given me the following answers:

airplanes, balloons, air balloons, space needles, grandpa bert, grandpa bert's computer, grandma, jack's computer in seattle, Dora, and Gen and Lily.

Then I make up a story and tell it in the past tense about some adventure Jack had with the person/thing he loves. The most common story is about going on an air balloon ride.