Friday, November 21, 2014


Time passes differently in Hawaii. An hour seems like a minute. It is just so beautiful here, the weather is perfect and most living occurs outside (my favorite place). Also, being on vacation is great -- no errands, no to-dos, no schedule.

Yesterday, we visited the North Shore. Ryan surfed at a famous surf spot --Pipeline. It was very sunny and very hot and after a couple of hours, the kids and I were cooked. We headed into Haliewa for lunch at the Grass Skirt Grill and shaved ice at Matsumoto's ( I think it was voted best shaved ice in the world -- it's that good).  We drove along the coast and stopped again at Swanzi beach for a smoothie at Uncle Bobo's. It felt like the eating tour of Hawaii. There is a lot of great food here. 

Later, we visited the Kailua farmers market where an entertaining Hawaiian played local music on his guitar. Sonia danced. Ryan and I ate delicious poke. Jack ate quickly and avoided the music.


kids are wiped out from the heat - happy to have shaved ice

Today, Ryan took the kids to the science center near the Bishop museum and I visited Shangri La, Doris Duke's Hawaiian home. It is now a museum of Islamic art with one of the most impressive collections in the world.
the guest entrance

We headed to a shady park in Waikiki for a picnic but the kids were really whiny. It may be hotter than our last visit. They seem cranky since we left the Disney resort... perhaps we should have expected that one. Anyway, we headed back to the beach near our home in Kailua. It was very windy and even cloudy. It was a great break from the heat. Sonia played in the sand. I watched the kite surfers.  Ryan and Jack played in the water until Ryan was stung by a portugese man o' war.

I wish I could have captured this guy flying. He could sail over the water for 50 yards at a time at least.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halloween photos (very late)

I had the best Halloween costume of my life thus far:

Sleeping beauty on the left - Maleficient on right. The children (and some adults) were frightened.

The kids also dressed up

Happy 8th to Jack

We are spending Jack's birthday at the Disney Aulani resort on the west side of Oahu. It has been a lovely few days.  The kids are both proficient swimmers so they have been free to wander independently around the pools and slides. It's been quite a luxury not to have to make meals or run errands and spend all of our time lounging in the sun.

Jack has enjoyed his birthday. He got to choose what he ate (mostly sugar) and what he did (a lot of screen time). We convinced him to swim a lot too.  He and Sonia have also loved Auntie's Beach House which is essentially a free child care center. They have gone there for a few hours each afternoon and had dinner there.

Yesterday, while they were with Auntie, I visited the spa (without my camera so here a few from the web)


Stonehenge showers

It also had 5 outdoor hydrotherapy tubs and steam and dry saunas inside. Everything at this resort is perfect. If someone thinks you are having an experience that is less-than-perfect they are trying to fix it before you consciously know it's a problem.

Example: yesterday we went to the "character breakfast" We didn't know that the buffet breakfast was themed. It was and this meant that Disney characters were walking around greeting the children. A Hawaiian woman was also walking around serenading people at their tables with Hawaiian music. I heard one child ask her if she was Santa Claus. While other children were enjoying the festivities, Jack freaked out, left the table, and walked as far as he could go on the property. When the waitress returned, I asked if we could take Jack's food to-go since he could not handle the gaiety. She said no -- they didn't have to-go boxes since it was a buffet. I said that was fine. I understood. No problem and then I ate his food.

About 1 minute later a man with an ear piece comes to the table to say he was sorry Jack had freaked out and not eaten. He would make sure we were not charged for the meal. I pointed out that I had already eaten the food so that was not necessary. He insisted. What else could he do? Nothing. Ask the characters to stay away from Sonia as well? She was also nervous.

So, it is nice to be somewhere where everything is perfect. It is also a little weird. I am used to my unpredictable, messy world.

I am 8!
Flipper while walking to the slide

slightly crooked picture of the entry to the resort's restaurant. We sat at the table just to the left of the entry and just stared at the ocean the whole time. how can this place be so amazing?

We swim every night. It is fun.. until the children are so exhausted they become monsters. Then we know, it's time to go.