Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jack 2: Electric Boogaloo

For some reason, whenever we talked about having another child, we referred to the theoretical baby as Jack 2 Electric Boogaloo.. Don't act like you didn't see the sequel to Break Dancing.. well, we didn't either but I guess it rhymed with Jack 2 better than Jack 2: the alien resurrection. It also lightened the mood of the conversation. We just felt like now was not a great time for many rational reasons: ryan works for a startup that doesn't actually have any "revenue" in the "Worst Economy We Have Ever Seen." Then there is the fact that I am planning to go to an incredibly demanding graduate program next year, and also, we don't have any space in our house for a second child.. since we didn't really have the space for the first. So we'd put it off but always return to the conversation. This is the only issue I have ever truly lost sleep over but once we decided, I was at peace. Such decisions are better made with the heart.

So here it is.. your first intro to Jack 2.. we should probably change that name pretty soon. I am a little more than 3 months along -- due in mid-september. This is one of the 12 week ultrasound shots from a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday afternoon fun

This is our family fun. It was pretty hilarious for us.

The negotiator

Lately Jack has been less willing to go to bed peacefully. A while ago, he started asking for water, then it was a snack -- since I always want him to eat more that worked for a long time. Until finally I figured out he was never going to eat the snack. Now when we say it's bedtime he says "Snuggle?" This always works. What parent can deny their child a snuggle? If Ryan is busy, we'll lie down together, Jack will be still for about a minute, then he'll wiggle out of bed. When I then say it's bedtime, he says "Dad Snuggle?" That also always works on Ryan. J is a clever little dude.

Here we are in front of his favorite park which we call Space Needle park: