Monday, March 05, 2012

intrepid explorer

Jack has become quite an explorer. He loves to be outside and he has started enjoying moderate risks. He used to be pretty cautious. One of the really fun things about staying at home with my kids is that we get to be spontaneous. Today, I picked Jack up from a friend's house and we went to Hidden Beach and hung out there for a little while... no agenda and we stayed until we felt like leaving. It was cold and the wind was blowing but we still enjoyed it.

The shots I got of Sonia were not great since she wanted me to hold her the whole time we were at the beach. She liked the waves and the water but they also made her nervous. So here is a pic from a few weeks ago. My sister wanted a picture of Sonia wearing the shoes she gave Sonia for christmas.. plus check out the cool sweater..also from aunt katie. My favorite outfit is when Sonia wears the skull sweater with her tutu.