Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Ships

Every year, we go to see the Christmas ships. An Argosy cruise ship is lit up with a thousand lights and a choir sings Christmas carols from the boat. We hang out on one of Seattle's beaches just after the sun sets and listen to the music with hundreds of other people. At least 20 other lit up boats of all sizes follow the Argosy boat around Lake Washington. It's a beautiful sight and really fun for everyone. This year, many of our neighbors went too.

My neighbor, husband of the gal on the far left, took this picture many times.. this was the best one.. proof that when you see a good picture of a group of young kids, the photographer was professional.

Bed Head

Sonia's hair has become out of control.. She wakes up like this:

Then she screams when I try to comb her hair. Mama! Don't hurt me! It's very sad. So, I am cutting her hair short so I will not have this problem. I know this isn't a good long term solution. Sonia has such a strong personality that when she realizes I don't want her hair to be a tangled rats' nest, she will make that her official hair style.

She sings her own songs these days. The other day she sang this one to the tune of 'you are my sunshine'
You are my cheddar bunnies
My only cheddar bunnies
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You'll never know Cars 2
How much I love you
Please don't take
McMissile away

I have to confess that she has watched parts of Cars 2. And she does occasionally eat cheddar bunnies.

She will start a little school in January. When I took her to visit a couple of weeks ago, she cried when we had to leave. I think she is ready for friends and better toys.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

after school fun

I picked Jack up after his long day at school yesterday. He was in a good mood. The three of us headed to get a snack at a frozen yogurt shop. Sonia often asks Jack if she can hold his hand. He says no a lot but yesterday he said yes.

Then we went to the Seattle Center where they are displaying the super-cool miniatured winter village.

We wandered over to the Children's Museum and learned some great stuff. The last hour of the day you can pay a donation to get in. This museum is one of the pricier in Seattle and I was thrilled to learn this. Also, they have a nice LEGO exhibit with lots of cool projects on display -- a 3 foot tall Space Needle, a large Tower of London -- and LEGOS of all sizes for kids to use.

The regular exhibits at the Children's Museum are also cool. Here is Sonia driving the fire truck.